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Undertaker Taking Souls and Digging Holes Mens Black T-shirt

 Undertaker Taking Souls and Digging Holes Mens Black T-shirt

* Dress like WWE Superstar The Undertaker
* Short sleeve
* 100% cotton
* Double sided logo
* Regular fit

The Undertaker is man who exudes darkness and we all love him for casting his shadow.  With his cryptic entrance music, the black costume, the fire and brimstone... he is the most evil man to walk the planet.  He has done his job well, digging holes and taking souls one match at a time.  The Phenom serves as the grim reaper of justice and with a winning streak like none other we want to see his name permanently etched on the history books of the WWE in the Hall of Fame. Show your fandom and snag this black Undertaker t-shirt.