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John Cena

John Cena may have started as a ball cap wearing brawler who talked with his fists, but this 16-time World Champion and record-setting Make-a-Wish granter has morphed into The Face that Runs the Place in more ways than one.  He's released a hit album, starred in blockbuster movies, amassed a battalion of followers known as "The Cenation" and he hasn't slowed down a step.  If you really can't see John Cena at this point, chances are, you simply aren't looking.  Cena hasn't cut corners to gain success either.  Preaching an ethos of Hustle, Loyalty, Respect and urging himself and others to "Never Give Up" has helped him defeat his own foes and encouraged others to do so as well.  Despite a few detractors who chant, "Cena Sucks", The Champ rises above hate and he has accumulated a collection of hardware that would rival a Home Depot to show for it.