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Hulk Hogan

There isn't a name more associated with sports entertainment than Hulk Hogan.  He was the key figure in WWE's rise from regional attraction to worldwide entertainment leader and he did it all in his signature red and yellow duds.  The Hulkster's superhuman size and undeniable charisma set the standard for what a Superstar should be.  He was a larger-than-life icon and he won six WWE Championships while starring in movies, television shows and his own animated series.  His legions of fans were dubbed "Hulkamaniacs".  It seemed there was nothing the bronzed athlete couldn't do, but the Hulkster was nothing if not smart.  When he sensed audiences were growing tired of his heroism, he left the WWE For the WCW as the bad-guy ringleader of the New World Order.  When fans grew nostalgic for the "Hey Brother" Hulk they grew up with, he returned and once again urged kids to "Say their prayers and eat their vitamins".  Hulk Hogan is one Hall of Famer who can safely say the WWE wouldn't exist without his influence.