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Stone Cold Steve Austin SOB 3:16 Skull Vest Black

Stone Cold Steve Austin Black SOB 3:16 Skull Vest * Includes one Stone Cold Steve Austin vest sizes S-3XL* All items both front and back are embroidered* Adult sizing (similar to a t-shirt)* Vest does not have buttons and is meant to be worn open (with or without a shirt)* Back of vest has white skull and says 100% Whoop Ass* Neck tag reads WWF Attitude 2000 World Wrestling Federation* Note: vest is not made of real leatherYou know what you need, you SOB? You need a Stone Cold Steve Austin skull vest. Make sure you bring your attitude and pop a top on a cold one when you wear this. Flipping a middle finger to the man is not required but definitely recommended, and that's the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so.

Vest dimensions
Width: 22.5"
Length: 22"

Width: 23"
Length: 23.5"

Width: 24.5"
Length: 23"

Width: 25"
Length: 25"

Width: 26"
Length: 26"

Width: 26.5"
Length: 26.5"