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Sting White Scorpion WWE Mens Black T-shirt

Mens Size
 Sting White Scorpion WWE Mens Black T-shirt

* WWE Licensed item
* Single sided print
* Back of shirt is blank
* Crew neck collar
* Featuring WWE Superstar Sting

Sting had seven world title reigns and was a charismatic character who was wildly popular with fans.  In a shocking transformation Sting adopted a darker personality with white and black face paint and attire.  He became a silent warrior who lurked in the rafters of arenas, ready to strike at the New World Order who was imposing their will over the WCW.  For more than a year, Sting never spoke or competed until finally he squared off with and beat the nWo leader, "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan.  Tap into your dark side with this classic white scorpion shirt and all hail the Vigilante.