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Sting Silent Warrior Mens Black T-shirt

Mens Size
Sting Silent Warrior Mens Black T-shirt

* 100% preshrunk cotton
* Mens regular cut sizing
* Double sided print
* Short sleeve
* Featuring WCW, TNA and WWE Superstar Sting

If you were there to see Sting transform from a smiling blonde with a flattop to a dark, brooding, raven figure - you remember it.  The transformation was perfection.  It played out for the perfect amount of time.  You saw him lurking in the rafters with a leather duster and a baseball bat and he never spoke a word.  Was he bad?  Was he good?  Had he turned?  Truly one of the most memorable and emotion-filled transformations in wrestling.  Get this t-shirt that shows the shadowy Sting in full crow.