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5 Random Wrestling WWE T-Shirts New

5 Random Wrestling WWE T-Shirts New

All shirts are new
Available in Mens Size Small or Medium Only
All items are brand new and never worn.
May have small misprints or minor flaws
You select the size and we select the shirts! You will receive 5 different shirts.

Sometimes we'll get some mens shirts in stock that are just a little bit off. But maybe you're the type of person who likes things slightly off, or perhaps you like the idea of a surprise when opening a package. Either way, have we got a deal for you!  With this random lot of 5 shirts, you can snag 5 WWE mens shirts with some minor issues for a seriously low price.  And let's me honest, aren't we all just a little "off" in some way?Issues with the shirts can include, but aren't limited to: Small spots, marks, or blemishes Off centered graphics Warped graphics Tilted graphics Small holes Returns that were washedGo on, roll the dice, friend.  It's safer here than Vegas.  :)