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Simply Ravishing Rick Rude WWE Mens White T-shirt

Simply Ravishing Rick Rude WWE Mens White T-shirt

* 100% lightweight cotton
* Authentic Licensed WWE product
* Single sided logo
* Back of shirt is blank
* Regular fit

Here's a rude awakening for you - this shirt will not magically transform you into Ravishing Rick Rude, the wrestler who reveled in attention and left a trail of arrogance and broken bones.  Then again, maybe it's better off that it lacks that power.  The gyrating ladies man was quoted to have said, "What I'd like to have right now, if for all you fat, ugly, inner-city sweathogs to keep the noise down while I take my robe off and show the ladies what a real sexy man looks like."  There's probably only one guy that can ooze that much machismo and stay alive and well... and you're looking at him on the front of this tee.