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Razor Ramon Oozing Machismo WWE Mens T-shirt

Razor Ramon Oozing Machismo WWE Mens T-shirt

* Authentic Licensed WWE product.
* Single sided logo. Back of shirt is blank.
* Short sleeve.
* 100% lightweight cotton.
* Regular fit

Say hello to the bad guy.  The swagger, the style and the pure athleticism drew us right in.  His walk into the ring had to be one of the coolest in the history of the biz.  Sneaking out of the back, taking his time to get into the ring and finishing it out with a "Razor Rumba".  It was smooth. And then there was his power.  The Razor's Edge looked like the most brutal thing that could ever happen to a human being.  Add a toothpick in there and the words, "Hey Yo" and you've got yourself one of the great ones.