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John Cena Boys Kids U Can't C Me 2014 Red T-shirt

Youth Size
John Cena Boys Kids U Can't C Me 2014 Red T-shirt

* Includes cotton t-shirt
* Double sided logo
* Regular cut
* Kids sizes
* Featuring Superstar John Cena

If you want to know the origins behind John Cena's "U Can't See Me" taunt you must know it did not stem from anything serious, but rather a joke, a dare between brothers.  Now it's become one of Cena's rally cries.  When he throws his open hand toward the arena roof, fans prep their lungs so they can shout it to the hilltops along with him.  It works from a camouflage/invisibility aspect, but in general the gesture is like telling someone they aren't where you're at competitively, as in, "I'm on another level".  The Champ certainly is that... And we're guessing you know someone else who has a little bit of a competitive edge too.  

Recommended sizing for t-shirt:

* Youth Small (age 5-6)
* Youth Medium (age 7-8)
* Youth Large (age 9-10)
* Youth XL (age 11-12)