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Cactus Jack Wanted Dead Mick Foley Mens T-shirt

Cactus Jack Wanted Dead or Alive Mankind Mick Foley Mens T-shirt

* Wanted Dead or Alive Logo
* Short sleeve.
* 100% lightweight cotton.
* Dress like WWE Superstar Mankind, Cactus Jack, Dude Love and Mick Foley

This wanted t-shirt features the face of unpredictable Cactus Jack, which was just one of the three personas of Mick Foley. This hardcore legend is part genius and part insanity and earned a rep not by winning matches - but by surviving them. An encounter in the ring was once so vicious that Foley's ear tore off his head as he struggled to escape the ropes. Dude... that's just another reason we love you.