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Brock Lesnar Greetings from Suplex City WWE Mens T-shirt

Mens Size
 Brock Lesnar Greetings from Suplex City WWE Mens T-shirt

* 100% lightweight cotton
* Authentic Licensed WWE product
* Single sided logo
* Back of shirt is blank
* Regular fit

It's better than a postcard... this t-shirt has that vintage postcard feel to it but the destination is Suplex City, B!+*$.  Brock Lesnar, the Beast Incarnate, has a variety of moves that amaze all of us, especially for a guy his size.  He can issue German Suplexes, Fisherman Suplexes, Shoulder Tucks and the list goes on.  All we know, is we're glad visiting Suplex City and we're especially glad we don't have an appointment with the Mayor of Suplex City.  Whose next on the Anomaly's list?  We don't know - but we know he'll spin him, flip him, then win.