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Braun Strowman Championship Belt Double Pose Black T-shirt

The Braun Strowman "Championship Belt Double Pose" Men's Black T-shirt is a powerful and bold choice for fans of the dominant WWE superstar, Braun Strowman. This shirt showcases his raw strength and championship caliber.

Designed in classic black, the shirt features two dynamic poses of Braun Strowman, capturing his immense size and intensity. The graphic highlights his muscular physique and commanding presence in the ring.

The highlight of the design is the Championship Belt graphic, symbolizing Braun Strowman's achievements and his quest for greatness in WWE. It adds an extra layer of prestige and significance to the shirt.

Made from heavy cotton material, this shirt offers both comfort and durability. It is designed to withstand regular wear and maintain its shape and color over time. The men's fit ensures a comfortable and flattering silhouette.