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Becky Lynch 100% Bad Lass Black T-shirt

The Becky Lynch "100% Bad Lass" Black T-shirt, featuring a captivating steampunk clockwork graphic, is a bold and empowering tribute to the fierce WWE superstar. This unique design combines the powerful statement with elements of steampunk aesthetics, adding an intriguing twist to the overall look.

In addition to the prominent "100% Bad Lass" lettering, the t-shirt showcases a mesmerizing steampunk clockwork graphic. The intricate gears, cogs, and mechanical elements create a visually striking fusion of vintage machinery and modern attitude, perfectly reflecting the strength and resilience of Becky Lynch.

Crafted from heavy cotton material, this t-shirt offers both comfort and durability. The high-quality fabric ensures long-lasting wear, making it suitable for everyday use or for proudly displaying your support at wrestling events.