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Bad Ass Billy Gunn 24kt Flawless Black T-shirt

The Bad Ass Billy Gunn "24kt Flawless" Black T-shirt is a tribute to the legendary wrestler known for his bad-boy persona and undeniable talent. This striking t-shirt showcases the charisma and confidence of Billy Gunn.

In sleek black, the phrase "24kt Flawless" is prominently displayed on the front, symbolizing his unparalleled skills and unrivaled swagger. The back of the shirt features the words "Flawless perfectly round with a slight crack" along with Billy Gun's Mr Ass logo.

Crafted from heavy cotton material, this t-shirt offers both comfort and durability. The high-quality fabric ensures long-lasting wear, making it suitable for everyday use or for proudly displaying your support at wrestling events.

Available in various sizes, this t-shirt caters to fans of all body types. It's a perfect choice for anyone who wants to celebrate the legacy of Bad Ass Billy Gunn and his impact on the world of professional wrestling.