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Bill Goldberg Who's Next Big Logo WWE Mens T-shirt

Mens Size
 Bill Goldberg Who's Next Big Logo WWE Mens T-shirt

* Authentic Licensed WWE product.
* Single sided logo. Back of shirt is blank.
* Short sleeve. Regular fit
* 100% lightweight cotton.
* Featuring WWE Superstar Bill Goldberg

Look at that face.  Bill Goldberg was an arse-kicking machine who steamrolled through the WWE roster.  His entrance music was simple, which allowed crowds to chant his name.  He had an impressive jack-hammer and spear combo finisher.  In summary, Goldberg was an unstoppable monster that fans adored.  The only question any of us asked at the end of his matches, was "Who's Next?" followed by thoughts of, "Poor guy."  Get this Who's Next t-shirt in black with the stare that could make any one's blood run cold.