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Bill Goldberg Fireworks WWE Mens White T-shirt

Mens Size
 Bill Goldberg Fireworks WWE Mens White T-shirt

* Authentic Licensed WWE product.
* Single sided logo. Back of shirt is blank.
* Short sleeve. Regular fit
* 100% lightweight cotton.
* Featuring WWE Superstar Bill Goldberg

If every firework begins with a single spark - The spark that lit up the night began with Bill Goldberg.  This man's man dominated in the ring. Goldberg had a huge persona and ferocious in-ring exploits which added to his catchphrase, "Who's Next?" His rap sheet includes the biggest names in the business and he went 176-0 - the longest winning streak ever.  If that doesn't call for fireworks, we don't know what does. All hail Bill Goldberg... let there be fireworks!