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He's known as the Rated R Superstar or Edge - either way, he's got the look.  From his head full of hair to his long leather jackets and his legions of followers known as "Edgeheads" - every detail of his image screams "Rock Star".  Edge worked his way up the independent scene and was signed to a WWE contract in 1997.  He became known as the Master Manipulator because he wasn't afraid to cross the line in order to rattle his competition.  After he made history as the first man to ever cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase he rubbed his WWE Championship triumph in the face of all challengers with a frolicking good time celebrating in R-rated style on a bed with Lita right in the middle of the squared circle.  Expect the Unexpected with guy and make sure to have your camera ready.

9 Item(s)

9 Item(s)

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