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The Rock 3 Pose Know Your Role WWE Mens T-shirt

Mens Size
 The Rock 3 Pose Know Your Role WWE Mens T-shirt

* Authentic Licensed WWE product.
* Single sided logo. Back of shirt is blank.
* Short sleeve.
* 100% lightweight cotton.
* Regular fit

You gotta love it when the Rock lays the verbal smackdown on a jabroni.  We think we'll use this phraseology more often in everyday life... Your kid wants you to get him a popsicle?  You reply with, "You know your role!" Your girl wants you to take another IG worthy picture? "Girl, know your role!"  Some dude lays his opinion on things out there... "It doesn't matter what you think. You know your role and shut your damn mouth!"   Feels good. Get it in t-shirt form with the face of The Rock and let it do the talking for you.