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Surprise Random WWE Wrestling T-Shirt

 Surprise Random WWE Wrestling T-Shirt

* You select the size and we select the shirt
* Available in kids and adult sizes
* All items are brand new and never worn.
* May have small misprints or minor flaws
* Please do not request a specific shirt

It's the best kept secret in the biz... our Super Secret Random Wrestling Shirts.  Say that five times fast.  

Here's the scoop - sometimes we get shirts in stock that just a little bit "off".  Maybe you're the type of person who likes things slightly off.  Or maybe you like the element of surprise?  Perhaps you're a super fan of a killer deal.  Whatever the case may be, this one's for you.

These shirts can come with the following slight irregularities:

● Small spots, marks, or blemishes 
● Off centered graphics 
● Warped graphics 
● Tilted graphics 
● Small holes 
● Returns that were washed 

Some might call these flaws - we say these shirts come with built in "character".