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Simply Ravishing Rick Rude Rainbow WWE Chalkline Jacket

 Simply Ravishing Rick Rude Rainbow WWE Chalkline Jacket

* 100% polyester with cotton ribbing
* Sublimated image on the back
* Double sided print
* Graphic details on both sleeves
* Dress like WWE Superstar Rick Rude

Ravishing Rick Rude possessed a sense of arrogance and confidence, which to this day leaves him as one of the most unique, and memorable Wrestlers of the late 80s and early 90s. Managed by Bobby Heenan, Rick Rude was a true ladies man, often antagonizing his opponents by his attempt to impress their ladies. The WWE Universe sadly lost Rick too young at the age of 40 where Rick passed due to Heart Failure in April of 1999. 

This Entrance Jacket features a memorable pattern used on Rick's tights both appearing on the front and back of the Satin Entrance Jacket.