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Ravishing Rick Rude WWE Fanimation Chalkline Jacket

 Ravishing Rick Rude WWE Fanimation Chalkline Jacket

* 100% polyester with cotton ribbing
* Sublimated image on the back
* Double sided print
* Graphic details on both sleeves
* Dress like WWE Superstar Rick Rude

Ravishing Rick Rude possessed a sense of arrogance and confidence, which made him one of the most unique, and memorable Wrestlers of the late 80s and early 90s.  Rick Rude was a true ladies man, often antagonizing his opponents by his attempts to impress their ladies. He left the WWE Universe far too soon - but he also left a lasting impression.

This Fanimation Jacket features Rick Rude on the back of the jacket, with a pattern from one of his signature tights. The jacket also features a Ravishing Rick Rude logo on the front left chest, along with white sleeves and Rick's signature on both cuffs.