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President Donald Trump Punch Pad Glove Mitt | Funny Novelty Gag For Democrats &

Black Single Pack
Red Single Pack
Black 2 Pack
Red 2 Pack
 President Donald Trump Punch Pad Glove Mitt | Funny Novelty Gag For Democrats & Republicans | Great Political Gift

* FAKE NEWS GOT YOU STRESSED OUT? If you are looking for a fun and great way to relieve stress with your Democrats and Republicans friends, then we got you covered. We proudly present you the Donald Trump Punch Pad
* NEED EXTRA MOTIVATION FOR YOUR WORKOUT? Each boxing mitt has a custom designed sticker with the face of Donald Trump attached
* WORKS WITH BOTH LEFT AND RIGHT: The punch pad is made from synthetic leather foam and includes a high quality, high resolution adhesive Donald Trump sticker that is guaranteed to last until Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020
* WORKS WITH BOTH LEFT AND RIGHT: The Five finger slots and gloves on the back can hold the pad firmly and wears comfortably with either your left or right hand! Available in black or red
* FUNNY NOVELTY GAG GIFT: Get the most amusing political gag gift for your friends who love him or simply hate him and spread some laughter. A novelty gift for both men and women that is a great conversation starter

Jimmy Fallon got to ruffle Trumps hair.  Now you get to punch Trump right in our Punch Pads.  Whether you're a fan or foe of the President, Donald Trump is box office.  We can assure you these punch mitts will make everyone smile.  Available in two colors.  Yell out your favorite Trump quotes as you see fit.