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Dean Ambrose Stole My Title WWE Authentic Mens T-shirt

Mens Size
 Dean Ambrose Stole My Title WWE Authentic Mens T-shirt

* 100% preshrunk cotton
* Mens regular cut sizing
* Crew neck collar
* Short sleeve
* Featuring WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose

There aren't a whole lot of athletes that would have the gumption to steal a title, but Dean Ambrose is definitely among the few and the proof is in the pudding.  Remember when Ambrose won a match by DQ against Rollins but didn't win the belt?  Then he thought, "To Hell with this", and he announced that since he won the match, he was keeping the belt off he went through the crowd.  And that was the second time the Lunatic Fringe exercised a five-finger discount on WWE gold.  And now you know why this Dean Ambrose shirt is so apropos.