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January 18, 2019 2 min read

So, you bought a rad “Macho Man” bandana (Ooooh Yeah!  Thank you very much)

Now you need to know how to wear it?  Things are about to get technical so gear down…


You will need:

Your Bandana

A Flat Surface

A Mirror &

Your Melon


Step 1:  Lay your bandana out on a flat surface


Step 2:  Match one corner of the bandana to its opposite corner diagonally to make a triangle.


Step 3:  Pick up the bandana at both ends of the fold as you place the center of the bandana on the center of your forehead.


Step 4:  Grip the two outward corners of the bandana and wrap them around the back of your head.  Tie the two ends once.


Step 5:  Insert the third corner of the bandana (the one coming down the top of your noggin’) into the knot and tie again to secure.



If you want a video to clearly demonstrate this process we highly recommend the “How To” video found here.


I know what you’re thinking.  My head – it’s a virtual planetoid.  Has it’s own weather system!  (Ten Points if you picked up that, “So I Married an Axe Murderer movie reference) 



Anyway, if there is a lot going on in that big old brain of yours, there is an alternate method that uses less bandana around the girth of the head that might work better for you.  This method is more commonly known as the “biker method” and there is a step in this process that is eerily reminiscent of rolling a fatty, so if you’ve got experience with that -- you’ll be golden. 


This guy nails the step by step in his YouTube video.


And Voila!  Now you can count yourself among the great bandana wearing humans in history… Macho Man, Jack Sparrow & Bret Michaels.  That’s an eclectic group, we admit, but the common denominator is their cool factor AND their bandana wearing prowess. 


Go boldly in the direction of your bandana, brethren.  You’re “tops” in our book.