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January 18, 2019 2 min read

Hey Brother!

You know who we’re talking about today on the old blog?  I’ll tell you via a riddle… He’s red and yellow and ripped all over. 

Yep - we’re talking about Hulk Hogan -- The man whose name is synonymous with sports entertainment.


Say what you want about Hogan, but the Hulkster is one of the most marketable, loved and accomplished wrestlers in the history of the industry.  He’s also one of the most recognizable athletes in the world, which makes his look an obvious choice for Halloween 2018.

So… Tear off your shirt & get comfy - real comfy in some sweet tights as the base of your look.  (If you don’t have some at home, you can find them here)  We’re going to spell out how to create a top-notch Hulk Hogan costume... not that this little dude needs any coaching.


1.  That Mustache – The handlebar ‘stache has become one of Hulk’s signature features.  You gotta get yourself a blonde self-adhesive ‘stache to start things off.  You might consider applying it before you eat your pre-trick-or-treating meal.  Help channel your inner Hulkster, you know?  A little chili in the facial hair has a way of making things more legit.  Check out this shot of one of our customers workin' the 'stache...


2.  Red & Yellow -  These colors belong to the Hulk.  He made red and yellow iconic and if you’re going to look like Hogan, you gotta don his colors.  Here are a few of our favorite red & yellow pieces available on the site now.

Hulk Hogan Costume Set

Hulk Hogan Red & Yellow Feather Boas

Hulkamania Tye Dyed Tank




3.  A Bandana & Sunglasses – Let’s make Hulkamania run wild!  You’ll need to tie a bandana or a doo rag on yo head to seal the deal.  Hulk also typically wore a pair of sports shades atop his bandana.  These are a couple of great sets to add to your basket. 

Hulkamania Tye Dyed Doo Rag

Hulkamania Combos



Remember to alternate colors accordingly… When hulk wore a red shirt and a red bandana, he wore yellow shades.  When he wore a yellow shirt and a yellow bandana, he donned the red shades.  Still with me?  I know, I know… who knew achieving this look would require a color wheel?  But here is another example of one of our stellar customers who nailed it.


4.  A Championship Belt – This larger-than-life icon won six WWE Championships and became an idol to a vast legion of fans.  You can’t show up in a Hulk costume without some hardware.   It just wouldn’t be right. 


You can find one in the shop here... and lest you thought we would leave out the kiddos - wrong!  There is a child-sized one as well found here.  


Now say your prayers and eat your vitamins because Hulkamania is you!  If you’re feeling really charismatic you may want to throw on a boa and/or Hulk’s famous yellowboots.  Whatcha Gonna Do?


You’re ready to knock ‘em dead.  Snap a pic and send it our way!  We’d love to feature you here on the site or on our growing social media channels.

Cue the cute kiddo pic to finish things off... 


Happy Flexing, Brother.