A Macho Hallow's Eve...

Thursday, September 20, 2018 4:23 PM


Ohhhh Yeah!  He is the Macho-est of all men and he is the perfect inspiration for a cool & timeless costume this Halloween.  Randy Savage, Macho Man, King of Dried Meat, the Tower of Power who is Funky like a Monkey, deserves to be admired in the form of people dressing in his likeness during one of our favorite holidays.

Let's break it down and show you how to best display Macho Madness this Halloween.


It seems we should default to Macho Man's most iconic shirt in his preferred color, purple.  Maybe he selected it because it's the color of royalty or maybe he chose purple because it's looks amazing against his tan burliness...  Hey, we love it no matter the reason and we think this purple tee is the perfect starting point for a Randy Savage costume.  


If you'd rather do the American theme, we have options for you.  These shirts are some that are classic looking and you can totally work these into your regular wardrobe after the holiday.


Made in America Shirt


Oh Yeah Stars Shirt

Next item up for bid... the signature shades and bandanas that Macho Man wore to complete his looks.  There are two routes we recommend here, stars or classic macho.  Either way you're spot on, baby.



Now if at this point you feel macho enough - fine.  We "Dig It" and we respect you for selecting a great American Hero as your costume this year.  In fact, if you want to make things ridiculously easy, we got yo' back... 

machomanpicv2The purple Macho shirt, the Macho Man Randy Savage bandana and the Macho Man signature shades come as a costume set here.  It's bananas what we do for you here at EWS, right?  ;)

Want to take it up a notch or two?  You can buy this bonafide Macho King costume in a hoodie... ONE ZIP and you ARE Randy Savage.

Now THAT'S Bananas!  Sing it with me... "B-A-N-A-N-A-S!"


Here's to a very Macho Halloween in 2018.

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Halloween Costume 201 - Hulk Hogan

Wednesday, September 12, 2018 2:11 PM

Hey Brother!

You know who we’re talking about today on the old blog?  I’ll tell you via a riddle… He’s red and yellow and ripped all over. 

Yep - we’re talking about Hulk Hogan -- The man whose name is synonymous with sports entertainment.


Say what you want about Hogan, but the Hulkster is one of the most marketable, loved and accomplished wrestlers in the history of the industry.  He’s also one of the most recognizable athletes in the world, which makes his look an obvious choice for Halloween 2018.

So… Tear off your shirt & get comfy - real comfy in some sweet tights as the base of your look.  (If you don’t have some at home, you can find them here)  We’re going to spell out how to create a top-notch Hulk Hogan costume... not that this little dude needs any coaching.


1.  That Mustache – The handlebar ‘stache has become one of Hulk’s signature features.  You gotta get yourself a blonde self-adhesive ‘stache to start things off.  You might consider applying it before you eat your pre-trick-or-treating meal.  Help channel your inner Hulkster, you know?  A little chili in the facial hair has a way of making things more legit.  Check out this shot of one of our customers workin' the 'stache...


2.  Red & Yellow -  These colors belong to the Hulk.  He made red and yellow iconic and if you’re going to look like Hogan, you gotta don his colors.  Here are a few of our favorite red & yellow pieces available on the site now.

Hulk Hogan Costume Set

Hulk Hogan Red & Yellow Feather Boas

Hulkamania Tye Dyed Tank




3.  A Bandana & Sunglasses – Let’s make Hulkamania run wild!  You’ll need to tie a bandana or a doo rag on yo head to seal the deal.  Hulk also typically wore a pair of sports shades atop his bandana.  These are a couple of great sets to add to your basket. 

Hulkamania Tye Dyed Doo Rag

Hulkamania Combos



Remember to alternate colors accordingly… When hulk wore a red shirt and a red bandana, he wore yellow shades.  When he wore a yellow shirt and a yellow bandana, he donned the red shades.  Still with me?  I know, I know… who knew achieving this look would require a color wheel?  But here is another example of one of our stellar customers who nailed it.


4.  A Championship Belt – This larger-than-life icon won six WWE Championships and became an idol to a vast legion of fans.  You can’t show up in a Hulk costume without some hardware.   It just wouldn’t be right. 


You can find one in the shop here... and lest you thought we would leave out the kiddos - wrong!  There is a child-sized one as well found here.  


Now say your prayers and eat your vitamins because Hulkamania is you!  If you’re feeling really charismatic you may want to throw on a boa and/or Hulk’s famous yellowboots.  Whatcha Gonna Do?


You’re ready to knock ‘em dead.  Snap a pic and send it our way!  We’d love to feature you here on the site or on our growing social media channels.

Cue the cute kiddo pic to finish things off... 


Happy Flexing, Brother.

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Halloween Costume 101 - John Cena

Tuesday, September 4, 2018 4:34 PM

You may not want to admit it, but it’s high time you start making some decisions on Halloween Costumes.  And let’s be honest, when it comes to the Wrestling Universe – there are some killer options to choose from. 

This will be the first blog post in a series of posts dedicated to gearing you out for Halloween, WWE Style.  Let’s make it a family affair and start with the chilluns’ shall we?


We’re going straight to The Champ and highlighting none other than John Cena as an easy option for your kiddos’ costume.  

Pull out some jean shorts or some camo cargos, along with some sneaks to start your look.


Next add one of our John Cena shirts.  This one is our royal blue "Respect" shirt and it comes with wristbands, a headband and a hat.


Now it's starting to come together.  There's your little human clad as a mini Doctor of Thuganomics strutting his stuff in the school costume parade.  Ah yeah – you can see it.


Add on 'dem accessories.  Now teach your stylish offspring how to shake his hand around his head and flaunt those wristbands.


As your kid stands next to the Harry Potter’s and the Minions of the world you’ll be proud knowing he is preaching an ethos of Hustle, Loyalty & Respect.  #winning 


Who knows, maybe that “Never Give Up” embroidered onto his head gear will seep into that thick skull of his and he’ll start to believe it?  You know what they say, “If you think you can – you can.”  


Which leads us to the final accessory, a Championship belt.  Fruity Pebbles is a decorated winner after all.

And voila.  John Cena Jr. reporting for duty.  The quickest, coolest, most inspiring costume out there.  It's what we do here at Extreme Wrestling Shirts. We're givers like that. ;)

Products listed in this post are linked directly to the shop. 

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How to Tie a Bandana...

Wednesday, August 1, 2018 12:08 PM

So, you bought a rad “Macho Man” bandana (Ooooh Yeah!  Thank you very much)

Now you need to know how to wear it?  Things are about to get technical so gear down…


You will need:

Your Bandana

A Flat Surface

A Mirror &

Your Melon


Step 1:  Lay your bandana out on a flat surface


Step 2:  Match one corner of the bandana to its opposite corner diagonally to make a triangle.


Step 3:  Pick up the bandana at both ends of the fold as you place the center of the bandana on the center of your forehead.


Step 4:  Grip the two outward corners of the bandana and wrap them around the back of your head.  Tie the two ends once.


Step 5:  Insert the third corner of the bandana (the one coming down the top of your noggin’) into the knot and tie again to secure.



If you want a video to clearly demonstrate this process we highly recommend the “How To” video found here.


I know what you’re thinking.  My head – it’s a virtual planetoid.  Has it’s own weather system!  (Ten Points if you picked up that, “So I Married an Axe Murderer movie reference) 


Anyway, if there is a lot going on in that big old brain of yours, there is an alternate method that uses less bandana around the girth of the head that might work better for you.  This method is more commonly known as the “biker method” and there is a step in this process that is eerily reminiscent of rolling a fatty, so if you’ve got experience with that -- you’ll be golden. 

This guy nails the step by step in his YouTube video.

And Voila!  Now you can count yourself among the great bandana wearing humans in history… Macho Man, Jack Sparrow & Bret Michaels.  That’s an eclectic group, we admit, but the common denominator is their cool factor AND their bandana wearing prowess. 

Go boldly in the direction of your bandana, brethren.  You’re “tops” in our book.

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The Greatest Wrestler in WWE History...

Friday, July 20, 2018 4:52 PM

Many people have asked this question over the course of the years, and the answer may never be definitive -- but let’s do our best to tackle it today for no other reason than to spark conversation at the dinner table tonight.  Ready?

“Who is the Greatest WWE Wrestler of All Time?”

Before we dig in, let me tell you what I love most about professional wrestling…

The sport is a complete release for me.  I love that fans who attend the shows are fully aware that the fighting is staged; yet they chant and boo as if the show is real.  Both the wrestlers and the audience are in on the joke.  (Wait – did I just burst your bubble?) The more the joke morphs to become campy, over-the-top and excessively passionate, the more we love it.  Now that you’re aware of the angle I’m coming at this – you’ll see why I selected my picks.


Let’s start with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.  Nobody embodied the Attitude Era quite like Steve Austin did.  The Texas Rattlesnake was the blue-collar warrior for the common man.  He proudly raised his middle fingers in the faces of all who dared oppose him and he embodied a brash and defiant style in the ring and on the mic.  Stone Cold delivered an epic promo after he won King of the Ring in 1996 and the phrase “Austin 3:16” was born.  This six-time WWE champ, movie star, WWE Hall of Famer and pop culture phenom has to be on the list for raising hell like a rock star in the ring.  And that’s the bottom line.



Also in my top five is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  This pick may be debatable for many, but there is a reason he has been dubbed The Great One, The People’s Champ and the Most Electrifying Man in All of Entertainment.  The first, third-generation Superstar in WWE History, Johnson won the Intercontinental Championship within months of first setting foot in the ring.  From there, his momentum never slowed as he laid the smack down on Attitude Era rivals and spouted off endless catchphrases that immediately became part of national conversation.  You know what else I think about this pick?  It doesn’t matter what I think.  I’m just gonna know my role and shut my mouth.  Ya smell?


Let’s take it back to original Hollywood and put Hulk Hogan on a list that some say he created.  Face the facts, fans:  There is nobody more charismatic than this man.  He is beyond an icon and has earned his spot in history as the face of Professional Wrestling.  He first rose to stardom starring as “Thunderlips” in the hit movie, Rocky III.  Two years later, Hulkamania was officially born and The Hulkster would go on to win five WWE Championships before leaving for the WCW where he captured six world titles and then started the nWo.  The Undisputed champ earned a spot in the Hall of Fame and we think it’s more than deserved, BROTHER.



Ooooh Yeah, you know “Macho Man”, Randy Savage is on my list.  During the course of his career, Savage held two WWE Championships, four WCW World Championships and a 14-month reign as Intercontinental Champion.  If his rap sheet isn’t enough to land him a spot amongst the greats, his style certainly is.  No one was as dynamic or as stylish as the Macho King.  His over-the-top wacky get-ups worked for him. Savage also successfully managed a romantic relationship in front of the wrestling fandom at large.  Miss Elizabeth was Savage’s Manager AND his gorgeous wife, who was a constant fixture in his corner during most of his career in the 80s.  Savage made the cross over to mainstream thanks to his work with Slim Jim.  His loud and proud personality, hoarse voice and bulging biceps meshed perfectly with the zany commercials and no one will ever “Snap into a Slim Jim” without thinking of the Macho King.  R.I.P.


Rounding out my top five picks is Ric Flair.  In the WWE there are countless Superstars and a few legends, but there is only one Ric Flair.  “The Nature Boy” is the record setting 16-time World Champ, who also holds the distinction of being the only performer ever inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame twice.  Ric Flair is a perfectly concocted combo of charisma, mat skills and microphone prowess.  He had an unmistakable strut, an overdramatic flop, and issued flagrant low blows, and he did it 340 days out of every year for four decades.  Flair’s signature look of designer suits, outlandish robes and shoes that cost more than my house added to his colorful personality.  Also known as the Alimony Pony, Flair lost several wives to his love of the sport.  He simply did not quit and if he isn’t one of the greatest, no one is.  Wooooo!


And there you have it.  My top five picks for the Greatest WWE Wrestlers of all time.  If I could add Honorable Mentions I would throw in The Undertaker and John Cena.  So lay it on me in the comments below… who is the Greatest Wrestler of all time according to you?  Bonus points if you use you’re top wrestlers’ catchphrases.


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